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The price for each sculpture is based on the size of the ice block used, and you may order the sculpture in size that will fit your need.

All prices are in rupiah, prices in other currencies are subject to change according to the foreign-exchange at the time.

The largest block size we produce is 160 cm x 80 cm x 25 cm (normally used for ice logo, which can be carved or engraved then snow-filled)

Please note that our ready-lighted table is a specially made table for carving display.

The average ice sculpture normally lasts for 5-7 hours indoor, 4-5 hours outdoor.

Delivery : 2-4 weeks for non-ready stock crystal clear ice sculptures


Ice Luge is an ice sculpture that has a small tube through it which allows vodka/wine/champagne to be poured into a funnel at the top and run through the ice and chill it, then leaves directly into your mouth or shot glass.

We welcome any custom design that you have in mind and we use only crystal clear ice so the beauty of your sculpture shines through.


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